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Our Story

From our kitchen to yours

Next Level Flavors was created by myself Chef Teresa and my wife Cheareike Outley in 2019. After having to postpone our dream of opening our own food truck, due to my various health complications and having multiple back surgeries. We were still determined to build our brand and get our food to the public in some way. 

After I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and high cholesterol in January of 2019, my family and I decided to eat and live a healthier lifestyle. I was limited with mobility, but I knew being a chef I could change my eating habit. Being confined to the bed, I took that time to research and study various spices, herbs and aromatics that helps to heal the human body. Researching made me take notice of the amount of salt, sodium and additional preservatives found in the seasonings we were using and processed foods we were eating. 

70% of African Americans suffer with Hypertension, granted not all of it is due to what we eat, but a great deal of that percentage is. Salt is meant to enhance the natural flavor of food, it should be added in moderation. After researching, studying and testing various herbs, peppers, aromatics and spices we began making our own No and Low Salt seasonings. I not only wanted to help myself, I want to help others.

My wife and I created a seasoning line, that allows cooks to control their own salt intake. We purchase fresh ingredients from our local farmers market and dehydrate it. We want our brand to have a natural fresh taste, with no added preservatives. Our mission is to take our customers taste buds to a level their palates will never forget, while providing the best customer experience they'll always remember.

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